At MHMG and Williamstown Health + Lifestyle we incorporate EyeGuide into our baseline and post injury assessment process.

For years, medical professionals have waved a finger in front of someone’s eyes as a way to analyse their brain function. Now eye tracking technology such as EyeGuide is doing the same test in a more modern, objective way to better understand the brain.

We use EyeGuide in addition to the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT) in order to diagnose a concussion.   

A key benefit of Eye Guide is that each 10 second test instantly produces a score and 9 scale ranking from “Very Superior” to “Extremely Poor”. This allows an objective baseline to be set and then changes to the score monitored over time or after a specific incident. Below is a sample profile of a player who had an incident on the sports field and how EyeGuide was used to gather data during their recovery.