Headache and Migraine Approach

At The Melbourne Headache + Migraine Group we treat headache/migraine using the Watson Headache® Approach

This is a hands on treatment approach created specifically to treat headache and migraine by identifying and treating issues in the upper neck that can lead to brainstem sensitisation and headache/migraine.

Our Process

Assessment = Identification:

This step aims to determine if your neck is responsible for your headaches or migraine. We look at your lifestyle, work-habits, headache history, and symptom characteristics.

Our Process

Treatment = Correction:

Our treatment approach aims to improve the upper neck's function, and desensitizing the "headache area" of the brainstem.

This treatment phase consists of 5 - 6 sessions over two weeks. The goal is to significantly improve symptoms and allow you to progress into a successful self-management phase.

Our Process

Self-Management = Solutions:

After establishing a significant improvement, we give you the tools to maintain a pain free lifestyle with exercises and advice on management.